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February 6th, 2015

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12:34 pm - Endocrinologist.

The doctor is happy with me!

My AIC is 5.8. The goal is to keep it under 6.5.

My lower number on the blood pressure is a little high. Got chastised for my salt addiction.

Good cholesterol is little low. Bad cholesterol is a little high. I'm getting medication for that (yay, more pills) and am instructed to get more exercise and eat a handful of nuts every day.

My metformin is getting switched to extended release.

I get prescription strength vitamin D and need to start taking a multivitamin. Yay, LOTS more pills.

Thyroid is fine.

Kidneys are fine.

The doctor is SO happy with my progress that I get to wait 6 months before I come back to see her again!

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