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November 26th, 2014

06:27 am - The shower is the devil

The shower is the devil.  At least,  that's what the kitten thinks. She was NOT happy that I got in the giant box that makes scary noises and seperated myself from her with the curtain. She tried desperately to climb the shower curtain when I while I showering, and when that didn't work she tried to jump.  Even with her mightiest effort she's not able to get to the side of the tub yet.

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06:08 am - Time to start thinking about names. If only I was sure that she's a she.

Elspethkitteh has stopped growling at me. I tried feeding her some chicken in front of the door yesterday but she refused. 

I caught her laying in front of the door, staring at it while the kitten was loudly protesting being left alone in the bathroom at bed time. 

Seems like she's getting used to the new smell at least. 

The kitten is already rebelling at being trapped in the bathroom,  but she's going to have to deal with it until she's a little bigger.

All right.  Gotta get to work.

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November 24th, 2014

05:53 am

No real evidence of litter box use this morning.  Which means after more chicken I got to engage in my least favorite part of kitten care. She peed some,  but that was it.  Not really sure if she's drinking water.  She fouled the bowl with the litter because she steps in both.  I'm thinking tuna a bit later today because I can give her the "juice" which will make sure she's getting water.

Gods, I'm exhausted.  Gotta work.  2 hours of OT today means 6:30 to 5. Ugh.

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01:14 am

So, I was playing ingress at Victoria gardens tonight when I heard a kitten crying in the bushes nearby.  About a half an hour later, with me trying to get kitty to come near with a meowing ring tone,  a passerby stopped and helped Him and I corner kitty in the bushes. 

She's very young.  Her eyes are still grey.
She did not like the moving car but waited calmly enough in Jims arms while I ran in to Vons for kitten food, an aluminum pan and some chicken.

Brought her home and installed her in the bathroom and while she shows no interest in the kitten food,  she ate the chicken I chopped up finely for her. 

I went to get her some more and when I came back she was gone.  I assumed that she had snuck out behind me.  I spent the next half hour searching the apartment for her.  Then I heard her meowing in the bathroom.  Went back into the bathroom.  No kitten.  What?

More meowing and from the bathroom it sounds like she's in the living room.  I went back into the living room and heard her meowing in the bathroom.  Back to the bathroom. After a bit I figured out the meowing is coming from inside the wall. How the HELL?  I find this hole hidden in the bottom of the sink cabinet.  This time,  the sound of the kitty meowing ring tone coaxed her to squeeze herself back out the hole.

We've blocked the hole with a cigar box,  but we don't trust her to not find a way to move the box so she's sleeping in our cat carrier tonight and tomorrow until Jim can bring home some nails and secure it.

I'm exhausted, covered in scratches from both the bushes and the frightened kitty and feel bad that she had to sleep in a cage.  I figure it's better than sleeping out in the cold though.

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November 15th, 2014

07:25 am - lowest reading in a while

yesterday's food intake and this mornings glucose result

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November 3rd, 2014

03:02 am - ow

0h gods. Just woke up from nightmares to something seriously wrong with my left knee. I hurt my knee in my sleep?!?

I am not at all fond of this talent.

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November 2nd, 2014

08:49 am - -25 ?

247.8. 111.

Yesterday it was 251.4 I beleive.

I have my doubts as to the accuracy of either of my scales.  The wii fit in particular as it tends to weigh me at 5 - 10 lbs lighter than the bathroom scale. The bathroom scale weight fluctuates a bit,  depending on where you place it on the floor. 

247.8 is NOT the lowest reading from this morning and it's from the place on the floor where I generally try to line up the scale with a couple of tiles.

4 lbs down after a fairly sedentary day? I did a lot of T.V. watching yesterday, and didn't go walking at all.  Just wasn't feeling it.

I'm pretty happy with the sugar level, just not sure I'm buying the weight.

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October 18th, 2014

11:38 pm - elspethkitteh kitteh

She loves sleeping in and chewing on boxes. The one my toothless from build a bear came in is her current favorite.

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October 16th, 2014

10:26 pm - my birthday @ Seaworld this year

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07:12 pm - 2014 CHOCWalk

The CHOCWalk starts at 6:15 AM so I got up at 3:30 and hit the road by 4:15. Arrived right on schedule for the Mickey & Friends parking structure opening at 5 AM.

The trams don't run that early so before you walk the 5K you have to walk the tram route from the structure to Downtown Disney.

Which is great because it's the one time you can stop and pose with the Halloween character decorations that line the tram route.

There's always a friendly CHOC walker willing to take a picture for you in exchange for taking a picture of them.

I walked straight through the this year because I wanted to see how long it would take me to actually walk the 5K. So this is the only picture I took during the walk. For the record,  It takes an hour to walk the 5K.

At the finish line!

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